One Big Bag of Drama and Dissatisfaction

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Hi guys.

I know I’ve said this before but this time I mean it. I am pulling the plug on this newsletter.

I’m sorry (but not sorry) to say that this publication has been tumbleweeds for months now. I’m soooo over the hype of self-promotion on Medium but I’m too lazy to go through hundreds of stories to remove the sign-up link for this newsletter.

Medium has become one big bag of drama, especially after the MWC competition. I’m just not enjoying the politics and stupidness anymore. I don’t know how anyone is tolerating it, to be honest.

More on that, right here.


I’ll be the first to follow through with pulling the plug on personal dissatisfaction and actually doing something about it.

I’m still occasionally writing on Medium because it’s good for traffic, but I’m focusing on other writing spaces now, one of which is right here on Substack. It’s a new publication and you can learn more about it here:


I’m kinda loving the drama-free feeling of Substack, which means more independent publications written by me, will be popping up in the future. I’ll have something for everyone eventually.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you elsewhere.


Something Useful for Your Back Pocket

That is, if you want to write more creatively

I have something for you guys!

And I should have shared it weeks ago.

Remember Ash Ambirge from the book I gave away last month? She writes a newsletter called Meat & Hair. Gross name, I know. It instantly makes me think of a clogged drain.

But you’d have to know her to understand why it’s called that.

Meat & Hair is a creative writing tidbit that she sends out daily and it….is….GOLD.

Every single time I read it I completely ignore the end where she says:

“Do you have at least one lunatic friend who would absolutely LOVE this?”

And by lunatic friend she means WRITERS.

I have 300 of you sitting right here and I assume that at least 299 of you wish you wrote better, or more effectively, or more creatively.

So I’m passing on a link to her daily pieces of writing advice.

Trust me…this is not normal advice. It is the most abnormal thing I read on a daily basis, which translates into - THIS IS NOT the type of flatlined writing advice you’ll find on Medium.

Just subscribe. The WORST that can happen is that you unsubscribe tomorrow because you hate it.

Check out Meat & Hair

If you do check it out, let me know what you think of it.



Wouldn't It Be Nice...

If people cared?

When I scroll through the stats for this newsletter I see a discouraging trend. Engagement worth writing home about only seems to happen when there’s a giveaway or when someone dies.

We can do better for each other.

I don’t know how many newsletters you’re subscribed to but I wonder if they’re all just boring AF or if just mine is?

The truth is that I have no idea what to send out in these newsletters because rarely do they attract anything but crickets. Is that because I have nothing to offer except when there’s a book giveaway? Or is it just because we’ve all become so complacent that we think, “Meh…someone else will talk to her.”

The MWC Hashtag

How many of you have entered the Medium writing contest?

And of those who have entered, how many of you are wondering exactly which kinds of stories might win?

Personally, I don’t even care how my stories do because I’m just totally curious. The suspense is killing me!

I have scrolled through a billion entries and seen the crowd's response to many of them. I’ll laugh if a story with one clap wins…because there are entries with one clap and I think everyone secretly assumes that high engagement or popular writers are pegged for winners.

On That Note…

If you have written any submissions for any of the #MWC tags, feel free to link-drop in the comments below. I’d like to see my competition.

And if you feel inclined, I’ve created a list of my submissions. I wrote for the Death, Re-entry, and Work tags. If I can squeeze in my Space story before the deadline I will.

Read Them Here

Best of luck to you all!!


And The Winner Is.....

Best odds ever!

I’m not giving away lottery-size winnings but your odds of winning our book giveaway are astronomically better than winning the lottery.

Twelve of you opted into a draw last week for Ash Ambirge’s Middle Finger Project book giveaway and I’m here to announce the winner.

I have used Random Name Picker to generate the winner by entering all twelve names in the order that they commented in the last newsletter.

And the winner is…………….

Christine Borruso!

Congrats, Christine. I hope you’ll be running around town giving everyone the finger after you read it! Please reply to this email at your leisure so I can get your mailing details. I’ll have it shipped to your door.

If anyone would like to see a video of the name selection you can visit this link to make sure it’s legit.

As for the rest of you, you should really purchase the book for some inspiration. It’s available on Amazon.

One more thing….

If you’d like to know what my highest viewed story from the month of June was, it’s this one. You must love dogs though.

A Billion-Dollar Idea That Condo Builders Have Never Thought of

I'm Doing a Giveaway Again

Let’s jump right in because I’m feeling very pay-it-forwardish today.

I did this same giveaway a year ago when more than half of you weren’t subscribers yet and I feel like everyone except James Knight deserves another shot at winning. He won the last round.

Imposter syndrome is a highly overused phrase among writers. I’m not sure why we can’t just know we’re doing something good and go with it instead of questioning, second-guessing, and sweating bullets before we do something as simple as hit a submit button.

There’s a book for writers like this.

If you’re not familiar with Ash Ambirge, she’s a woman who built a seven-figure copywriting business based on the middle finger. Yes, she flipped everyone the bird and became a millionaire.

Anyway, I gleaned a lot of inspiration and a ton of laughs out of her book and I’d like to pass on the good vibes again so I’m giving away a copy to one of you.

I’d like to send a copy to all of you but that doesn’t agree with my bank statement.

This is what Ash Ambirge has to say about her book and I can certainly attest to the highlighter fatigue part:

“Readers of this book have been known to quit their day jobs, do something brave, build fabulous and lucrative businesses, drink wine before 4 pm, and go on to build generally amazing lives—despite wherever they started. Common side effects include highlighter fatigue, excessive chuckling, and severe neck cramps. Content not suitable for defeatists, naysayers, or the Swedish (because how much better could your life possibly get?)”

She is the only person I’m aware of that can make growing up in a trailer park sound riveting and her journey as a writer definitely beats mine in the rags to riches department.

I got my start on a tropical island, I can’t complain.

If you’d like to take a shot at winning a copy of the book:

Drop a comment below indicating your burning desire to read it and I’ll add you to the draw.

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