Something Useful for Your Back Pocket

That is, if you want to write more creatively

I have something for you guys!

And I should have shared it weeks ago.

Remember Ash Ambirge from the book I gave away last month? She writes a newsletter called Meat & Hair. Gross name, I know. It instantly makes me think of a clogged drain.

But you’d have to know her to understand why it’s called that.

Meat & Hair is a creative writing tidbit that she sends out daily and it….is….GOLD.

Every single time I read it I completely ignore the end where she says:

“Do you have at least one lunatic friend who would absolutely LOVE this?”

And by lunatic friend she means WRITERS.

I have 300 of you sitting right here and I assume that at least 299 of you wish you wrote better, or more effectively, or more creatively.

So I’m passing on a link to her daily pieces of writing advice.

Trust me…this is not normal advice. It is the most abnormal thing I read on a daily basis, which translates into - THIS IS NOT the type of flatlined writing advice you’ll find on Medium.

Just subscribe. The WORST that can happen is that you unsubscribe tomorrow because you hate it.

Check out Meat & Hair

If you do check it out, let me know what you think of it.



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